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elsewhere in China. To help them continue their studies, the Beijing New Sunshine Charity Foundation has cooperated with the hospital to run a free school since 2012.The classroom, a public space in a corridor, welcomes children of ag

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es. Generally, a full-time teacher and college student volunteers give two classes every week, each lasting 90 minutes. Courses include Chinese, math, Eng▓lish, health arts and science.The idea was inspired by

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an eight-year-old boy named Zuo Yan, from Anhui▓ Province. A decade ago, he was diagnosed with aplastic anemia and the foundation sponsored his treatment in Beijing. Volunteers found a picture he drew of his

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school days, with the words, "I miss school.""I realized these children were very eager to keep learning," says Liu Zhengchen, who suff▓ered leukemia in his university years and founded the foundation to help

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leukemia children in 2001.However, Liu and his team found the children difficult to teach. Some close themselves▓ up and rarely talk. Some are restless and uncooperative, al▓ways crying.Most parents, understand

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ably, are indulgent with their children. "I don't know how long his life will last," says one father. "I'll try my best to make him happy."But Liu asks teach▓ers to treat these children like all others. If a

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recovering. Then nobody w▓ill care about them like their parents and doctor▓s do," says Liu. "We want to help them fight the disease▓, but also expect they will have the ability to deal normal life."Yu Maoyuan, 4, came from southwest China?/p>

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is abo▓ut company as much as study, he says. He ▓used to care for mentally ill children in Malaysia and Singapore."We welcome the elde▓rly, who can share their stories and experi▓ence. They are also needed for a ch▓ild

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's growth."The foundation has opened 26▓ ward classes in and outside hospitals in 13 pro▓vinces. More than 5,000 children have attended t▓hem. However, they have just 17 full-time or▓ part-time teachers like Liu Weixiong.T

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he pupils al▓so include children with cancer and kidney diseases, who ne▓ed long-term treatment.Liu Zhengchen▓ plans to expand the faculty and provide more courses for ▓different school ages."I hope we can help more ch▓il


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ents and chemotherapy, they say

dren with serious illnesses maint▓ain their learning and social adaptability, so they can return to normal life as soon as possible."Pleas▓e scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us

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